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ICL Lab Services offers growers accurate and comprehensive water, soil, and tissue analysis through a diverse suite of tests. This convenient, cost-effective information source allows you to make the most informed decisions possible regarding your irrigation and nutrition programs. Our staff of horticultural researchers is highly qualified, with a dedication to accuracy and customer service that has earned the trust of growers and landscapers across the country.

Irrigation Water Assessment

The first and most important step to any fertilizer program is testing irrigation water quality. →

Soilless Growing Media Assessment

Soilless growing media testing helps you fine-tune your nutritional programs for greenhouse and nursery containers. →

Mineral Soil Assessment

A comprehensive mineral soil assessment tells you everything you need to know about field soil for landscapes and in-ground nursery crops. →

Plant Tissue Assessment

Tissue testing helps diagnose possible causes of various deficiencies due to nutrient disorders. →

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Let’s get growing

Get started by requesting a sample kit. Send in your sample and our team will take it from there—we’ll conduct a thorough analysis and email you the results. Your local ICL fertilizer expert can answer any questions you may have and can also help select the products best suited to your growing conditions.